GreenSkillsVaasa is a Center of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) in Green Innovation in Vaasa region established as a part of a transnational Greenovet project funded by Erasmus+. 

GreenSkillsVaasa promotes the development of green skills and innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable mindset for Green Innovation Excellence in upper secondary vocational education and training (VET) and higher education, while responding to the specific needs of regional labour market and for green transition.


The key pilars of the GreenSkillsVaasa are Green Skills Network, Equality, Smart Labs and Green Skills Academy. GreenSkillaVaasa is also a collaboration partner of a transnational CoVEs network.


The Greenovet


European VET Excellence Platform for Green Innovation


Greenovet project will foster the development of Vocational Education (VET) Excellence in Green Innovation across Europe and through the establishment of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) that will enable an inovative, inclusive and sustainble economy. Centers of Voctional Excellence are established in four regions: Vaasa region (FI), Skopje regions (MK), Styria (AT) and Leiria (PT).

The CoVEs will focus the knowledge, resources and infrastructure of the key stakeholders into the development of innovation and skills ecosystems, contributing to regional development, and promoting environmental, social and economic development in Europe, through green and sustainable innovation processes enabled by VET Excellence.

Greenovet project promotes future working-life skills and job opportunities of VET students entering to labour market by strengthening the innovative, entrepreneurial and sustainable mindset, and by responding to the needs of regional labour market.

Greenovet project is funded by Erasmus+ during 2020-2024. Regional project partners are University of Vaasa, Vamia vocational education institution, Novia University of Applied Sciences and Merinova Technology Center.