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You can find here the latest and upcoming green events happening in the Vaasa region


National Technology Event in Vamia

VET Attractiveness Raising Events - 21th November 2023


Regional 9th-grade upper secondary school students and Vamia VET students were offered an opportunity to meet regional technology companies. There were approximately 25 companies presented. 


Greenovet Project is promoting regional project activities for the students to participate, providing information about future green skills required in the region, and increasing awareness of Green Skills Vaasa (Vaasa CoVE) both among students and companies. 


In total, 26 student groups representing technical education in Vamia visited the fair representing mostly electric engineering, mechanical production and car mechanics. The approximate number of participants is over 200 students. 


Students visiting the Vamia Greenovet stand were asked to fill out a short survey about the key decision factors for the future workplace. The number of students who filled out the online survey was 38. 


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How Does Green Skills Vaasa Contribute to Environmental Sustainability?

Presented by Associate Professor Ahm Shamsuzzoha (University of Vaasa) and Project Manager Camilla Wahlberg (University of Vaasa).


At the 2023 Vaasa Arts and Science Carnival, the Green Skills Vaasa Center of Excellence was presented and introduced to the region. The regional skills gap report and current news/activities organised by Green Skills Vaasa were revealed. 


Venue: Ritz kulturscen

Date: 17.11.23 kl. 16.00


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Voices of the future - Green Skills Week

The final day of the Sustainability Week conference on 28th September was dedicated to the Voices of the Future.


Tommi Virkama, the Director of Startis and Vasek, started our event with the topic of Entrepreneurship and responsible business. Followed up by the Director of the Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce, Mikael Hallbäck talking about Future green and digital skills for business in the Vaasa region.


Finally, the most inspiring interview was hosted by the University of Vaasa’s Project Manager Camilla Wahlberg about What it is like to be a young entrepreneur or expert. And what role does sustainability play in their career path? The panel included Tim Wallin, an Entrepreneur and Public Speaker, Sarah Väre from Väre&Co, Joel Kaitfors from Hermans Bike Components, and Heidi Kuusniemi from ESA BIC Vaasa Hub.


Venue: University of Vaasa

Date: 28th September 2023


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Circular Economy - Green Skills Week

On Wednesday 27th of September, we discussed the circular economy. The event was hosted by Hanna Malkamäki at Vamia, the Hansa campus.


Different cases of circular economy in action were presented by our guest speakers. From the application of the circular economy concept in the restaurant Silveria and the Green Key by Vamia teacher Lauri Alkkiomäki to company cases by Simons Hus’s CEO Pia Simons, Mpro Head of sales Ben Bergman, Minimossen HR manager Jenni Sandberg, and the local organic farmer Bjarne Mara, the audience were presented with diverse angles of the circular economy.


Later in the afternoon of the Circular Economy Day, organized by our partner Vamia Anna-Miia Suihkonen, the students had the chance to participate in a re-design workshop where they ideated business gifts for the Vaasa region from recycled materials.


Venue: Vamia Hansa Campus

Date: 27th September 2023


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Welfare Technology and Sustainability - Green Skills Week


On Tuesday the 26th of September, the HEALTHTECH FAIR was organized at Vamia, the Hansa campus. Presented by Vamia, Åbo Akademi University, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Pohjanmaan hyvinvointialue-Östrobottens välfärdsområde, the HEALTHTECH FAIR introduces the latest technology solutions in the region such as VamiaEasy and VR environment


Venue: Vamia Hansa Campus

Date: 26th September 2023


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Green Transition - Sustainability Week

On Monday the 25th of September, we talked about the Green Transition and why is it important for our region. 


Hosting by the Vasek company Project Manager Hanna Malkamäki, we welcomed representatives from companies to talk about the Green Transition in their organization. We had Sustainability Manager Anne-Mari Kaakinen from ABB, Development Engineer Mika Adler from Mirka, HSEQ and Development Director Kim Råholm from VEO, Product Director Harri Heiskanen from Vilpe, and Analytics and Technology Manager Jennie Hinz from Wasa Line.


In the afternoon, we had a panel discussion with the company representatives about technology driving green transition and innovation in the Vaasa region.


Venue: University of Vaasa

Date: 25th September 2023


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